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Nikko Estates

Our Mission

  • Providing our clients with the most comprehensive, proactive service is our guarantee. We serve you with integrity, honesty, enthusiasm and respect.
  • Our motto is “Attempt the Impossible in Order to Improve Our Work” and we live by that motto.
  • Staying current with the latest technology to better serve you is our primary goal.
  • We do not promise - We Deliver!

Our Areas of Expertise:

  • Our Primary Specialty is Residential Real Estate working with Buyers and Sellers. Affluent to sell Real Estate in most areas throughout the Chicagoland area, especially Western Suburbs. We love working with both buyers and sellers. We help sellers to understand the mindset of the buyers, and in the same manner we help buyers to understand the seller's expectation. Establishing such understanding allows for a successful negotiation, and success in doing what we love to do best - Work.
  • Short Sale
  • Foreclosures, REO Properties (FSSR, ADPR)
  • BPO
  • Online Marketing
  • Staging for a Successful Sale
  • Language(s): English, Bulgarian